Ethics & Inclusivity in Social Media Communications

MONTH // June 2019 TOPIC // Ethics & Inclusivity in Social Media Communications RESOURCES // The Ethics of Online Ad Targeting by Ross Briggs; 9 Best Practices to Make Social Media More Accessible by Mia Ives-Rublee and Alyssa Klein; 826CHI Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram DISCUSSION LEADER // Mackenzie Lynch Mackenzie, our Communications Associate, is leading our discussion today […]

Allyship and Privilege

MONTH // May 2019 TOPIC // Allyship and Privilege RESOURCES // Privileged by NBA player Kyle Korver; No More Allies by Mia McKenzie; Racism in the NBA from The Players’ Tribune DISCUSSION LEADER // Tyler Stoltenberg  Tyler, our Operations Manager, is leading our discussion today centered on the topic of allyship and privilege. We ask ourselves how we, as an […]


MONTH // April 2019 TOPIC // Neurodiversity RESOURCES //  Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Autism TEDx Talk by Justin Robbins, TEDxTufts; Dear Society… Signed, Autism TEDx Talk by Daniel Share-Strom, TEDxYorkUSalon; Tuesdays with Liz – Lydia Brown by Liz Weintraub DISCUSSION LEADER // Julia Clausen Julia, our Data & Impact Associate, is leading our discussion today centered on the topic of […]

Racial Attitudes Towards Philanthropy and Giving

MONTH // March 2019 TOPIC // Racial Attitudes Towards Philanthropy and Giving RESOURCES //  Despite the racial wealth gap, black philanthropy is strong by Shena Ashley & Joi James, Money as Medicine: Leveraging Philanthropy to Decolonize Wealth by Edgar Villanueva, and these infographics on the racial wealth gap from Urban Institute. DISCUSSION LEADER // Ola Faleti Ola, our Development Manager, is […]

Teaching Writing During Times of National Trauma

MONTH // February 2019 TOPIC // Teaching Writing During Times of National Trauma RESOURCES // What Teachers Can Do in the Face of National Trauma by Samantha Kobbah, Las Vegas: How do teachers respond when tragedy seeps into classrooms? by Maureen Downey, and How to heal: Creating a trauma writing workshop by Meredith A. Quinn. DISCUSSION LEADER // Molly Sprayregen Molly, our […]

Gender Equity within Third Places

MONTH // January 2019 TOPIC // Gender Equity within Third Places RESOURCES // It’s time to take back third places  by Diana Budds, Gender Analytical Framework by Gender at Work, Gender at Work Theory and Practice for 21st Century Organizations from the Gender at Work Podcast (optional), and How our education system undermines gender equity by Joseph Cimpian (optional). DISCUSSION LEADER // Natasha Mijares Natasha, our Programs […]

Who Goes to Museums?

MONTH // December 2018 TOPIC // Who goes to museums? RESOURCES // Museums as White Spaces talk by WNYC, How Atlanta’s High Museum Attracted a 45% Non-White Audience  by Seph Rodney, the NEA Infographic: Why Do People Attend the Arts?, and Can Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Louvre Video Change Perceptions of Who Belongs in Museums? by Lisa Ragbir. DISCUSSION LEADER // Waringa Hunja Waringa, our […]